Holiday Jewelry Guide

The holiday outings are all about the glitz that fashion has to bring. Anywhere from sparkly shirts to diamond studded shoes. What if I don't love the over the top glamorous look? This is why adding a piece of jewelry can make or break your outfit this holiday season. Add the perfect finishing touch with your favorite jewelry piece to stand out from the crowd and simply say YOU ARE HERE. Here are some pieces that might become your best friend this holiday season.

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Affordable Looks for the Everyday Fashionista

How is it week 3 already of the holiday style guide? Time is flying by so don't let your next outing catch you by surprise and nothing to wear. This peplum top from ASOS is simply amazing. Fashion full of drama yet in a chic and comfortable way does not happen often, but this top brings it all together. You can combine with jeans for added comfort yet undeniable style. You can also wear it with any color skinny pant/jean of your choice. As always, your jewels is the icing to any outfit or else it is not complete. Simply add this Diane chunky gold yet elegant chain and you are ready to go. Do you see yourself wearing this?

Affordable Looks for the Everyday Fashionista

It is week 2 of the holiday fashion edition and this week's feature is as trendy as it can be. To add glam to your holiday outfit does not have to mean lots of shimmery tops and rhinestones. Leave it up to your jewels to add that glamorous touch to any combination you choose. This week's blazer/top is from Eshakti, an online clothing boutique. This jacket has endless style appeal because of its ruffles, asymmetry and impeccable lines. Combined with this leather legging and pointy pumps, you can not go wrong. You can wear this to a house party, a holiday outing, appropriate enough for holiday office fun or just another fashionable night out. Don't forget your jewels which make this outfit pop. A bold Swarovski crystal earring from my collection combined with this statement bracelet will have everyone staring.

New Creation Wednesdays

With our eyes set on the holidays to come, what to wear is a huge to do. This week's creation is a simple yet a staple piece that could be your best friend for the next 2 months. A clear Swarovski crystal set in a bold silver setting and and a unique earring post, can give you all the attention you want without having to say a word. I took this earring for a test drive and the compliments did not stop. You can pair it with any dress or blouse of your choice. It is a light piece with an extra large statement. How will you pair this?