House of Zada Orange Agate and Lapis Blue Jade Gemstone Chunky Drop Earrings


House of Zada Orange Agate and Lapis Blue Jade Gemstone Chunky Drop Earrings

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Happy that colorblock is still in? So am I! Pair these beautiful orange carnelian and lapis blue agate drop gemstone earrings with your favorite shirt or dress to add an instant pop of color.


-14kt gold filled links

-Gold plated stainless steel earstuds

-Gold plated brass oval gemstone setting

-Carnelian (medium orange) agate stone rounds 10mm

-Lapis blue oval agate stone 25x18mm

Length: 1.5"

Handmade in the USA

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Do you know the difference between gold filled and gold plated jewelry?

-Gold filled jewelry components are composed of a solid layer of pure gold (mainly 14kt) bonded by heat and pressure to a brass metal base. The gold layer is so thick that its price varies with the gold market on a daily basis and it is stamped just like 100% gold jewelry. It provides long lasting wear that is resistant to tarnish due to the high amount of gold content and can be cared for just like any of your gold pieces. It is basically the next best thing after pure gold.

-Gold plated jewelry is mainly composed of a base metal that is dipped in a thin layer of gold. Its content is so minimal that it does not need to fluctuate with the daily market. Many times you can add additional layers to provide longer wear or extra protectants to help preserve the color longer than usual.

NOTE: all our gold plated components are coated with a clear coating that helps preserve the color longer than usual to help provide long lasting wear.