Custom Orders 

Did you know you can custom make your next necklace, bracelet or earring?  At the House of Zada, I welcome custom orders with open arms.  Each order represents a new challenge for me and a unique final product designed just for you. 


What are custom orders?

◊ A variation of a current necklace, earring or bracelet

◊ A design in mind but can not find it somewhere else

How do custom orders work?

◊ If it is a variation of a current design, simply let me know what you have in mind by emailing me at        

◊ If you are requesting an item that is not currently part of my shop:

            - Let me know the exact style you want (chunky vs simple and length)

            - Have set colors in mind or an idea and we can work together on perfecting your vision

            - As I find each component necessary to complete your piece, you will receive an email with 

               images to serve as an idea of what I have in mind

            - If we both come to an agreement, I order the components and hand make your piece

             - If you are not satisfied with the components I chose/found prior to execution, I will look for          

               different components until you are completely satisfied

What are the costs affiliated with custom orders?

◊ If it is a simple variation, an extra charge may or may not apply

◊ When creating a brand new piece, the price is dependent upon the final components selected in order 

   to complete the order.  You will be given a price quote prior to placing an order so there is absolutely no  


Some Examples?

How do I place a custom order?

◊ Simply email me at or fill out the form below with your idea or request and we can discuss your options

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