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Wearing Your Jewelry

1. Always put your jewelry on last, especially after you have finished applying your make-up, lotions, hairspray, perfume, etc.

2. When undressing, remove your jewelry first. That way your jewelry will not get caught on something and break.

3. Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, to sleep or in the pool/beach. 

Storing Your Jewelry

1.  Store each piece of jewelry separately.  If possible, place individual pieces in either an air tight sealed plastic bag (complimentary with your purchase at House of Zada), cloth pouch or in a jewelry case with separate compartments. 

2.  It is recommended to store pearl creations separately since other types of stones maybe hard on the pearl and may cause some scratching.

Cleaning- Do's and Dont's

1. Gemstones beads: clean as needed by wiping with a soft damp cloth and drying thoroughly. There's a specific jewelry polishing cloth for those types of stones as well.

2. Swarovski beads: clean with a lint-free cotton cloth and lukewarm water. May wear gloves to avoid additional fingerprints/oils while cleaning.

3. Sterling Silver Beads, gold-filled beads, silver/gold plated beads: use a jewelry polishing cloth to keep your jewelry looking new. Again, there's a specific cloth for these beads. 

4. Never clean jewelry or accessory items in an ultrasonic cleanser.

5. Do not use soap to clean your jewelry or any hard cleaning products as it may cause scratching and tarnishing.

6. Avoid exposure to detergents, bleaches, baking soda and ammonia-based products.


PLEASE NOTE: The listed tips are helpful in preserving the beauty of your jewelry and maximizing its wear. However, these tips do not guarantee that tarnishing may not occur over time.