Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 - Stripes and the many misconceptions

Fasten your seatbelts for this much necessary how to wear your stripes guide. I don't know about you, but I LOVE stripes. Too bad when I talk to many girls, they always say "it makes me look big." That is because different stripes can change your look entirely. Stripes can make you look wider or can be very flattering, but you must choose the right ones that work for you. I always think, just because a certain trend is in, it does not mean it has to fit who I am. You can skip some trends if you are totally uncomfortable, I promise I won't judge. This trend though, should be embraced by many more if you find YOUR stripe.

Let's start off by talking about horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes usually make one look wider. But, this can change depending on the width of the stripe and how it falls on YOU. Bigger stripes usually make one look wider whereas the thinner stripes can offset that look a bit. To wear wider stripes, see how it falls on you. Can you belt it to show off your hourglass figure and change the entire look, does it show some skin like a shirt with a sheer top or even sleeveless. That can make wider stripes look very flattering. Do you have a small bust but want them to look bigger? Horizontal and especially wide stripes can do the trick. Want to accentuate that figure, pair a medium horizontal striped flowy skirt with a plain top. You will never know until you try. 

Next comes your vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are very flattering on most women. They will make you look slimmer, elongate the torso and make it seem like you have longer legs. That is why most striped pants are vertical stripes. This is usually a safer bet if you want to dive into the strip trend. Wider stripes can make you look a little wider even in vertical cuts where thinner ones are usually more flattering. 

What about the diagonal ones? Diagonal stripes are very tricky. There's no secret to this one but to try it on and see how it fits you. If you are going for a skirt, it usually gives off a more hourglass look. If you are already have lots of hips to play with, it might not be your best option depending how high or low the waist of the skirt is.

Still not convinced? Try adding a striped bag, shoe or jewelry to your outfit to stay right on the trend wagon without falling out of your comfort zone. As always, here are some affordable finds to try at your next outing.

Stay tuned next week for graphic black and white trends!