My Latest Creation - Amethyst and Bronze Glass Pendant Necklace

As I was out handpicking my beads in New York, I came across these glass beads. So unique and different, something I have never seen. Each bead has a coppery/bronze outline with a double sided triangle center filled with an amethyst color. It adds such a unique touch to any outfit you want to wear. I decided to create a pendant necklace with these beads and as I took my new piece out for a test drive last week, it was such a hit and received many compliments. Now, reassured of the design and look, it is here for you to own while supplies last. 

Affordable Looks for the Everyday Fashionista

It is time for another affordable look for this Spring/Summer. I am a firm believer that being in style does not have to be costly. Here's a fun Summer look for you to try with this flared A-line skirt from H&M. White is the simplest way to pair it with this off the shoulder top from Asos. You can also combine it with black, ivory or printed top (loose or tight) if you please. Add this chunky colorblocked statement fuschia/navy necklace to help highlight that neckline and a simple gold bangle for the perfect finishing touch.



Affordable Looks for the Everyday Fashionista

Another lookbook Thursday is upon us and this time we welcome Spring with open arms celebrating its summer nudes and all that it has to bring. I will be doing a summer nudes feature next week where all things are white and beige and how to combine them. For now, step out with these powdery pink shorts and an off white blazer to bring the heat. Don't forget the most important part of your outfit, that chunky Ihani handmade necklace and the ankle strap sandals which is a must for this Spring/Summer 2014.

Affordable Looks for the Everyday Fashionista

Earlier this week, I shared with you another top trend to try next time you go shopping, graphic black and white. The black and white combination is an instant hit all the time but more so this season. You can wear practically any shoe color with a black and white outfit, you can't go wrong. This season, orange is a staple color that every fashionista should have in her closet in some shape or form. Combining an orange pump with a gold touch allows you to tie in your accessories effortlessly. Don't forget your jewels with this 3 tier gold chain House of Zada necklace to add to your show stopping boldness. 

Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 - Graphic Black & White

The trend report continues with the ultimate season for graphic black and white. Anything goes when it comes to this classy combination. Whether you like to wear it in stripes, polka dots, houndstooth or anything else, you will be right on trend. Go for the bold prints and offset it with plain pumps and some colorful baubles. Here are some affordable finds to try.

Affordable Looks for the Everyday Fashionista

What happens when you combine two of the hottest trends for this Spring/Summer? PERFECTION. Orange is the new black in case you haven't seen orange everything once you walk in any store and when you combine it with navy and stripes, it is a guaranteed hit. This affordable look can be worn at work with a cardigan or as is. You can also wear it for a night out with your ladies, a date or a fun night out in the city. The possibilities are endless. Don't forget to complete your look with your pearl Swarovski crystal earrings where pearls are always appropriate. What do you think. Do you see yourself wearing this?

Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 - Stripes and the many misconceptions

Fasten your seatbelts for this much necessary how to wear your stripes guide. I don't know about you, but I LOVE stripes. Too bad when I talk to many girls, they always say "it makes me look big." That is because different stripes can change your look entirely. Stripes can make you look wider or can be very flattering, but you must choose the right ones that work for you. I always think, just because a certain trend is in, it does not mean it has to fit who I am. You can skip some trends if you are totally uncomfortable, I promise I won't judge. This trend though, should be embraced by many more if you find YOUR stripe.

Let's start off by talking about horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes usually make one look wider. But, this can change depending on the width of the stripe and how it falls on YOU. Bigger stripes usually make one look wider whereas the thinner stripes can offset that look a bit. To wear wider stripes, see how it falls on you. Can you belt it to show off your hourglass figure and change the entire look, does it show some skin like a shirt with a sheer top or even sleeveless. That can make wider stripes look very flattering. Do you have a small bust but want them to look bigger? Horizontal and especially wide stripes can do the trick. Want to accentuate that figure, pair a medium horizontal striped flowy skirt with a plain top. You will never know until you try. 

Next comes your vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are very flattering on most women. They will make you look slimmer, elongate the torso and make it seem like you have longer legs. That is why most striped pants are vertical stripes. This is usually a safer bet if you want to dive into the strip trend. Wider stripes can make you look a little wider even in vertical cuts where thinner ones are usually more flattering. 

What about the diagonal ones? Diagonal stripes are very tricky. There's no secret to this one but to try it on and see how it fits you. If you are going for a skirt, it usually gives off a more hourglass look. If you are already have lots of hips to play with, it might not be your best option depending how high or low the waist of the skirt is.

Still not convinced? Try adding a striped bag, shoe or jewelry to your outfit to stay right on the trend wagon without falling out of your comfort zone. As always, here are some affordable finds to try at your next outing.

Stay tuned next week for graphic black and white trends!



Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 - Polka Dot

I can't believe it, but Spring 2014 is upon us. A bit upset for how fast time flies, but excited for the trends soon to flood the stores, if not already. One of the top trends this Spring/Summer 2014 is polka dots. Sounds old right? Wrong! Polka dots get the ultimate twist this season more than ever before. Expect supersized dots, twisted prints and texture to go along with the edgy cuts all designers have embraced. That is one of the must have instant chic additions to any fashionista's wardrobe. Grab a polka dot anything. Here are some affordable finds to keep you in style. Stay tuned for next week's trend report as we discuss stripes.

New Creation Wednesdays

New creation Wednesdays are back and better than ever. I wanted to make sure I provide the most chunk and twists that I can in my new pieces. This is my latest addition to the line. An extra large african jade green gemstone suspended from double layered thick gold chains with an asymmetrical twist to help you turn heads no matter wherever you go. Right on with the pendant trend for this Spring/Summer 2014. What do you think?

What to Wear Spring/Summer 2014

In case you haven't noticed, stores are starting to become flooded with bathing suits and sandals in preparation for an ultra fashionable Spring/Summer 2014. The biggest question is, what to wear this upcoming flirty season. I have all the answers right here for you where I will featuring a trend report weekly for the next 10 weeks to highlight the hottest top 10 trends, what's so hot about each trend and where to find some affordable yet ultra chic finds. To start things off, here's what to expect.

spring summer 2014 title 2.jpg

1.      Orange is the new black! Your nails, your lips, your clothes, your shoes, your jewels and everything else in between

 2.      Graphic black and white. Any geometric cut, houndstooth, extra large polka dots, you name it.

 3.      Stripes. Vertical, diagonal in any color and any size.

 4.      Shift anything. Blouse or dress it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it has lots of movement for a flirty Spring/Summer

 5.      Cropped jacket. Pair it with a dress, pants or shorts, it is your choice.

 6.      Button down overload especially with contrasting collars and cuffs

 7.      Wide leg trousers. You can comfortably give your skinny pants a break and enjoy the comfort this trend has to offer.

 8.      Sweater mania even with your bathing suit. Light pastel colored sweaters are your new best friend.

 9.      Grab a collarless coat for a fresh look on your next outerwear selection.

 10.  Tea length skirts and dresses are your new minis without the hasstle.