What Happened to Your Jewelry?

Did you just stop doing it? Do you not enjoy it anymore? Was it not doing well? These are the questions I keep hearing over and over since my hiatus which is almost for 2 years now. 

The good news? I still love my gemstones and will never get sick of it and I will continue to grow your obsession for turquoise jewels. The bad news?  The initial fall was due to health reasons in my family that have been thankfully resolved for some time now.  One thing for sure, what this hiatus made me do, is take a step back and look at everything that I was making. 

Everything I knew was self taught through trial and error and countless videos. Despite being featured in 3 major magazines, I felt there was room to grow to bring you something truly unique. For that reason, I decided to enroll and complete a jewelry design course based out of NYC to help me create your next favorite jewelry piece. 

The course took some time (way more than the 170 hours listed), my projects got lost in the mail a few times, I had to redo some others to show proficiency, but it was all worth it! 

NYIAD grad certificate_LI.jpg

So what's next? I am super excited to bring some new skills and style aesthetic to my designs to help you truly stand out. More statement looks for the fast paced girl in your life.

Thanks to each one of you for always pushing me and believing in me :-) Exciting new arrivals coming very soon!


Harper's BAZAAR UK Feature

2014 has been an incredible year for me as I see my handmade line flourish and more of my ideas coming to life. Not only that, but this marks my third major press feature. This time it is Harper's BAZAAR edition and their favorite picks for this Fall/Winter. This features my lapis lazuli teardrop necklace which is one of my favorite creations because it truly reflects my Egyptian heritage.

What it means to live a #funfearlesslife with Cosmopolitan magazine

A huge part of growing a brand is investing in yourself. The same inside voice that motivated me to start this handmade jewelry line roller coaster is the same one that needs constant nourishing to keep me going in hard times.

This past weekend was beyond incredible. I got the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best in the industry and hear myriads of advice from women and men who are literally at the top of their game thanks to Cosmopolitan magazine's FunFearlessLife event at the Lincoln Center in NYC. Covering anything from what to do from the minute to wake up to what you should do before you fall asleep, this weekend is one for the books and will remember forever. 

What stood out to me the most was how humble and amazing Joanna Coles (the editor in chief herself) was narrating this entire thing and how she took the time to try and speak to each one of us. An inspiration to all of us, a definition of what a true leader should be and truly honored to have spent an entire weekend with her. Not only that, but the weekend was filled with a star studded lineup, Maybelline makeovers and my own personal Cosmopolitan cover shoot?! You gotta see this for yourself.

New Creations - Natural Amethyst Edition

One thing I love about being a small jewelry designer, is the time that I get to personally pick out some of the gemstones for my pieces. Recently, throughout my adventures, I came across this amazing, asymmetrical and unique natural amethyst gemstone. With different shades of purple and a bit of brown to add the ultimate twist, this piece is guaranteed to make you stand out. The downfall? There's only one available! 

Breast Cancer Shop for a Cause Event

As many of you know, I love to fundraise and give back to causes. Working in the healthcare field and seeing patients suffer everyday, makes me stop and think of how fortunate I am and how many are not. For that reason, I started a tradition called Shop for a Cause where a percentage of your purchase goes toward that specific cause. Last year, I held a Breast Cancer fundraiser and it was such a huge success so I am bringing it back this year.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer month, 10% of all purchases made during this month will go toward the Breast Cancer Society.  Not only that, but I also match it so that's double the donation to support this great cause! So help me in fundraising for this great cause by upgrading your jewelry collection or granting someone else's wish.

New Creation - Pendant Obsession

At the House of Zada, I believe that pendant necklaces are timeless pieces and are always in style.  This season though, they are really in style.  Everyone loved my African jade pendant so much that it sold out. The good news is that I added 2 new colors for all the pendant necklace lovers. One is a lapis blue gemstone pendant with a deep blue/purplish tint. The second is of course turquoise with brownish veins for the perfect embellishment. No matter which one you choose, be sure that it will bring lots of compliments and plenty of feel good vibes. Do you love pendant pieces as much as I do?

Dye lapis blue howlite pendant

Dyed turquoise blue howlite pendant

Fall/Winter 2014/15 Jewelry Trends

We all agree Fall arrived a bit too soon and Winter right around the corner, get ready to wear all your favorite accessories to spice up that outfit under our big and puffy coats. This year's trends will help you stand out from the crowd to say the least. All things chunky and bold are a must for this season. Whether it is a necklace, a SINGLE earring (that's right, one sided), so many bangles that you barely see your arms or your favorite colored sunglasses, don't be scared to let your accessories do all the talking. How do you feel about these trends? Do you see yourself taking a risk and trying any of these show stopping looks?

bracelets post.jpg

TATLER Magazine Feature - October 2014

Just as I couldn't contain myself from all the excitement of being able to be featured in BRITISH Vogue September 2014, I received an opportunity to be featured in Tatler October 2014 issue. Tatler is the one of the oldest and longstanding fashion magazines in the UK where it focuses on fashion and lifestyle. I know I love to read Tatler around my travels since it is not readily available in the US and for me to be in one of its issues, is truly mind bobbling. Thanks Tatler!

New Creation - Sterling Silver Style

So I decided to add a few sterling silver styles due to the high demand for more silver creations. I love turquoise if you do not know by now and this piece is already one of my all time favorites. This sterling silver turquoise drop earring is light on the ear, but heavy in statement making. It is ideal to wear at work and into a night out. Pair it with practically anything to get an instant pop of color and transform your most basic outfit from boring to fabulous.

British VOGUE Feature

About 2 weeks ago, I received an email from someone who claimed to be from British VOGUE. They mentioned how they saw some of my pieces and thought it would be a perfect fit for their upcoming issue. Of course, I thought it was a scam. So I decided to respond and say I appreciate your interest and kind words, but I must protect my investment and need to know that this is a real pitch (afterall, we all know how many scamers exist out there). After she reassured me that this was the real deal, I decided to go forward and team up with VOGUE. I mean who wouldn't! It is THE fashion bible folks. Not only that but this is the biggest issue of the year and I could be in it? I will take the chance. 

Overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety,joy and uncertainty, I awaited two long weeks to see my dream officially become a reality. I couldn't be happier and more proud to share the news with everyone.  

Find my House of Zada feature in the special jewelry part of the September 2014 issue of British VOGUE. Please don't be shy and help me spread the joy by sharing, commenting and whatever else you heart desires. Don't forget to pick up your copy too! It is an issue you can't miss.