Breast Cancer Fundraiser Jewelry Party

As many of you know, I love fundraising for causes such as Breast Cancer and I am so fortunate that I can combine my two passions into one by hosting a Breast Cancer fundraising party. I am so fortunate for all the family and friends that look forward to this event, now 2nd annual, and help me give to great causes by donating 10% of all purchases to the society. It was a night filled of .great company, even better conversations and of course plenty of jewels. Here are some of the pictures and some of the friends who help me day after day to make it happen.

Breast Cancer Shop for a Cause Event

As many of you know, I love to fundraise and give back to causes. Working in the healthcare field and seeing patients suffer everyday, makes me stop and think of how fortunate I am and how many are not. For that reason, I started a tradition called Shop for a Cause where a percentage of your purchase goes toward that specific cause. Last year, I held a Breast Cancer fundraiser and it was such a huge success so I am bringing it back this year.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer month, 10% of all purchases made during this month will go toward the Breast Cancer Society.  Not only that, but I also match it so that's double the donation to support this great cause! So help me in fundraising for this great cause by upgrading your jewelry collection or granting someone else's wish.

New Creation Wednesdays

Although I love sharing new creations with you, this week I wanted to highlight last week's creation. An ultra chunky handmade piece that features lots of play on chains and chunky pink quartz for the daring fashionista in you. So why is it so special?  It was created in pink in recognition of October being Breast Cancer month. Each one of us knows at least one person that has or had Breast Cancer. We have come a long way when it comes to its treatment and management, but there's a lot more left to do. For this reason, 10% of proceeds from this necklace will go toward research this month and every month while supplies last.