What Happened to Your Jewelry?

Did you just stop doing it? Do you not enjoy it anymore? Was it not doing well? These are the questions I keep hearing over and over since my hiatus which is almost for 2 years now. 

The good news? I still love my gemstones and will never get sick of it and I will continue to grow your obsession for turquoise jewels. The bad news?  The initial fall was due to health reasons in my family that have been thankfully resolved for some time now.  One thing for sure, what this hiatus made me do, is take a step back and look at everything that I was making. 

Everything I knew was self taught through trial and error and countless videos. Despite being featured in 3 major magazines, I felt there was room to grow to bring you something truly unique. For that reason, I decided to enroll and complete a jewelry design course based out of NYC to help me create your next favorite jewelry piece. 

The course took some time (way more than the 170 hours listed), my projects got lost in the mail a few times, I had to redo some others to show proficiency, but it was all worth it! 

NYIAD grad certificate_LI.jpg

So what's next? I am super excited to bring some new skills and style aesthetic to my designs to help you truly stand out. More statement looks for the fast paced girl in your life.

Thanks to each one of you for always pushing me and believing in me :-) Exciting new arrivals coming very soon!