New Creation - A Lapis Lazuli Affair

As most of you know, my biggest inspiration for my jewelry pieces come from my Egyptian heritage. Whether it is the color or style of the piece, my cultural background plays a huge role. This new Lapis Lazuli gemstone pendant necklace is no different. The combination of blue and gold is a mainstay and timeless combination for any jewelry lover's wardrobe. This handmade creation is perfect to pair with your favorite outfit regardless of the season or year for that matter. This is one of my favorites because it really embraces the style of, what we can call my ancestors, ancient Egyptians.  Do you see yourself wearing such a bold piece?

Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 - Graphic Black & White

The trend report continues with the ultimate season for graphic black and white. Anything goes when it comes to this classy combination. Whether you like to wear it in stripes, polka dots, houndstooth or anything else, you will be right on trend. Go for the bold prints and offset it with plain pumps and some colorful baubles. Here are some affordable finds to try.

Valentine Day's Special

Valentine's Day is somehow upon us yet again. Want something ultra fashionable without the hefty pricetag? Shop some handmade pieces and receive 25% off the entire shop until February 14th. Enter code VDAY14 at checkout. Happy Shopping!

New Creation Wednesdays

With our eyes set on the holidays to come, what to wear is a huge to do. This week's creation is a simple yet a staple piece that could be your best friend for the next 2 months. A clear Swarovski crystal set in a bold silver setting and and a unique earring post, can give you all the attention you want without having to say a word. I took this earring for a test drive and the compliments did not stop. You can pair it with any dress or blouse of your choice. It is a light piece with an extra large statement. How will you pair this?

New Creation Wednesdays

This week's creation combines one of the biggest trends of the season and one of the top color combinations this Fall and all year round, black & white. Whether it is Fall or Spring, black and white will not disappoint. It can be paired with endless options and it is for the classy and timeless side of you. This Cloisianna necklace combines handpainted metal round pendant and gold aluminum chains for a sure statement. 

New Creation Wednesdays

What a crazy day I tell you! The good news is, new creation Wednesdays are still on.  Had to add a new variation to my Swarovski crystal pearl because everyone loved the first one so much. How do you like this colorblocked piece combining jade, coral/dark powder pink and cream pearls?