Why Sterling Silver is a Timeless Beauty

In my jewelry making journey, I tried working with many different metals and they all led me back to one specific metal, sterling silver.

As I sat there and looked at my jewelry collection since I was young, all my jewelry was sterling silver. There’s a reason why top jewelry designers choose this metal. It is malleable and versatile. What’s in it for you?

  1. DURABILITY - it can withstand the test of time while keeping its endless beauty. With proper storage and care, your jewelry will look the same decades from now. It is also very easy to clean!

  2. VERSATILITY - You can wear it day or night, at work or for a special occasion. Some people feel gold jewelry is too flashy, but everyone loves sterling silver jewelry. You can buy delicate pieces or statement making ones. The choice is yours.

  3. AFFORDABILITY - Does anyone want to spend thousands for every piece of jewelry? Not me. Luckily, you can find affordable pieces for every budget and know that you will have it for years to come. Own a few staple pieces or endless matching sets, it is up to you.

For that reason, I decided to bring you new jewelry creations made of sterling silver or vermeil (18 or 24kt gold plated sterling silver). Here is just one example and make sure to check out the full collection here.

Pantone Winter Color of the Year 2018-19

Every year, I wait for the moment the power house, Pantone, announces the color of the year. Why? It is time to play...with my jewelry beads that is. The good news? House of Zada is based on a timeless era where the colors never really go out of style, but it gets even more exciting when you see that your line already reflects THE color of the year. 

So what is main color for Winter 2018-2019? Ultra violet.  

Historically, the color purple has been associated with the sign of power, royalty and great personalities. The pop icon Prince made the color purple synonymous with his name reflecting his individuality and creative genius. Cleopatra's Egyptian palace, couches and even body was covered with it. So why is it so unique? 

The history of the color dates back thousands of years when it was extracted from a rare shellfish. At the time, technology didn't exist and you couldn't replicate or imitate many things. The use of the color extracted was sold to the very rich and reserved for the powerful figures. Throughout the years, emperors and painters continued to use it as a sign of hierarchy, rich culture and art.

Ultra violet is a shade of purple with a blue undertone. The beauty? it signifies imagination, innovation and a color for the curious. The night sky appears completely blue to the human eye, but it actually has lots of purple. Just like the sky represents mystery, so does the freedom in the color ultra violet. 

To celebrate the beauty of this color, click here to check out the full line up of my handcrafted pieces to give you a piece of the mystery.

Stay curious,